Workforce Insight and Retention Platform
Watch how you can promote workforce collaboration and gather key insights to retain employees
Improve Employee Engagement
Reduce Manual Effort
Gain Insight
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What It Does

  • Drive Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Brand Advocacy and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Reduce lot of manual effort in planning questions, creating multiple forms, scheduling and analyzing individually

  • Create survey campaigns once and trigger as and when required for internal employees and external customers

  • Share various announcements and learning materials easily to specific groups

How It Benefits You

  • Realize your dream to have one integrated platform to derive real time insights through Pulse Checks and Long Surveys

  • Take advantage of the efficient, configurable framework in your organization to enable workforce collaboration

  • Understand employee sentiment on a periodic basis to avoid last minute surprises

  • Gather quicker insights such as Productivity Barriers, Attrition Risk  and Required Intervention groups

​Key Features

  • The secret to an effective communication method is seamless 2-way implementation

  • Communicate with the entire organization, region, group or at any granular level

  • Share information quickly and efficiently to address employee needs and ensure their safety & security

  • No more hazzle with multiple Google forms and cross check responses

  • Facilitates easy survey options to solicit customers on their reflections on new initiatives, product launch, or training measures

  • Compare and contrast programs over time and take appropriate actions to achieve organizational objectives 

  • Gather, Collate employee pulse in real-time instead of depending on disparate channels 

  • Use pulse surveys effectively to decide on launch times, announce key decisions like Covid-19 remote work, and improve employee mental health

  • Know your employee sentiments, interests, reflections, likes & dislikes, and associations

  • Be Proactive to initiate programs and campaigns, pre-empt tasks that would sustain organization welfare, launch DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) tasks with ease