Government Apps Integration

ESRI ArcGIS, Tyler Munis, LaserFiche, Tritech RMS, Salesforce, Payment Us, WinGap and several vendor solutions are used by local government agencies. Often, these solutions don't talk to each other out-of-the-box or lack native integration. Sonline closes the gap by providing application integration on several levels:

  • Database Integration like SSIS, Linked servers, Cron jobs

  • API / Web Services Integration 

  • Cloud integration to connect to Salesforce, AWS, Azure datastore

  • Robotic Process Integration using RPA tools like Blue Prism, UI Path, etc. 

  • Connector applications using Java or Python

Key Benefits
  • Connect disparate systems and enable information sharing 
  • Reduce mundane, repetitive tasks
  • improve efficiency and quality of service
FOIA / Compliance Search

A lot of agencies or companies struggle to retrieve information from myriad databases, e-mails, applications, files, and cloud repositories in a timely manner. There is a dependency on Analysts, SQL programmers, BI staff members to write scripts and collate data that delay business decisions. Sonline provides a unified interface to address this challenge:-

  • Our Search is AI / ML powered and provides an intuitive interface

  • Support for RDBMS databases like SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, or MySQL

  • Search cloud repositories like AWS S3, Google storage or OneDrive

  • Search CRM solutions like Salesforce 

  • Search office documents, contracts, PDF, Image files for content 

Key Benefits
  • Support for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and ease Open Records Act Implementation
  • Companies can utilize the solution for Internal audit search, federal compliance 
BI / Visualization / Dashboards
Exec Dashboard.jpg

Sonline delivers business intelligence dashboards and KPI Scorecards based on customer requirements.  We are agnostic in BI tool selection and work with major platforms and often times develop charts using open source equivalents saving precious budget dollars. Key highlights include:

  • Benchmarking performance with your industry

  • Expertise in Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Google Data Studio, and Cognos

  • Interactive filters, real-time updates with drill-down options 

  • Freedom from the PDF, XLS charts 

  • Reduce dependency on Business analysts, SQL programmers 

Key Benefits
  • Real-time information insights to support data-driven decisions
  • Provide visibility to all stakeholders and trigger continuous improvement initiatives 
Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke Solutions

Organizations find it difficult to replace inefficient processes or systems due to internal pressure from stakeholders, unknown challenges during the transition, and fear of change. We help by following a logical process that includes: user interview, current process definition, desired system mapping, prototype building, agile development, and roll out.

  • Agile development and rapid prototyping 

  • Latest technology stack like HTML5, Node JS, NoSQL, Angular JS, and more

  • Create mobile-friendly UI / UX for legacy systems 

  • Build iOS / Android friendly native mobile apps, or Progressive web Apps

  • You own the code

  • No subscription fees

Key Benefits

This is ideal for organizations with custom requirements 
Manage your costs efficiently and no need to compromise with vendor application limitations