We are your data partner!

Organizations deal with Terabytes of data on a daily basis in the form of on-premise databases, cloud datastores, Google folders, drop box containers, social media feeds, Salesforce handoffs, Surveymonkey exports, website data extraction and more.

IT teams have to deal with 4 aspects on a daily basis:

  • Zero-Day support
  • ETL jobs, Data Curation, Data Ingestion and Search
  • BI visualization and analytics
  • Application integration

Cloud First strategy adapted by many organizations means that “critical business data” is no longer confined to the secure, on-premise data centers.

It is spread across various systems and often there is a need for:

  • Information extraction
  • Data retrieval
  • Data scraping
  • ETL (extract - transform - load)
  • Data ingestion and search provisioning
  • Data analysis and decision support dashboards

IT leaders have to deal with constant change in data formats (JSON, XML, CSV, XLS, MDB) and sources that includes Standard RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, Redshift, DB2 or NoSQL like MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra or Graph databases like Neo4J.

The most important takeaway is that social data is not structured and public relations / marketing teams want the data ingestion to happen regularly combined with internal data for analytics.

What is the challenge?

  • Seasoned structured and unstructured data experts are difficult to find
  • Infrequent need
  • Full-time resources are very expensive
  • Industry expertise and experience is essential
  • Combination of technological know-how and business acumen

We are the right partner and we uniquely satisfy all of these challenges and we have put together a unique package of services for your specific needs:

  • Zero-Day Database Support
    • very handy during a data breach
    • essential in a ransomware situation
    • application restoration assistance
  • Custom Search Platform​
    • unlimited access
    • view structured and unstructured data
  • BI / Analytics Support
    • on your choice of platform(s)​
  • Application Integration Support​
    • Web Services​
    • SSIS​
    • REST API​
    • JSON​
    • GraphQL​