Digital Assistant for Absentee Ballots/FOIA Requests
Watch to learn how your county can reduce concerns and increase confidence in absentee ballot processing
Efficiently manage absentee ballot related processes
Ensure transparency
Empower election teams
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What It Does

  • Support Free and Fair election process 

  • Provides the ability for the county government(s) to efficiently handle absentee ballot related processes 

  • Digitalize absentee ballot request forms and signed envelopes and map them to registered voter list

  • Leverage available information in the county records about the voter for crosscheck/verification process

  • Reduce concerns about the correctness of absentee ballot processing and increase confidence amongst the stakeholders

  • Ensure every absentee ballot is tracked throughout the life cycle from submission to completion (and make it available for audits, queries beyond the election date mandated by FOIA)

How It Benefits You

  • Ensures fair elections and address concerns about voter fraud

  • Reduces the time it takes to verify the signature; BallotDA scans the ballot application form, signed ballot, etc. and extracts the signature section for easy look up 

  • Every single mail-in vote is verified so that no one questions the validity or legality of the casted ballot, and no absentee ballot is missed 

  • Empowers the hard-working election officials with a digital solution and make their life easy

  • Ability to integrate/cross check with other databases would help to introduce "Cure" options for unintended mistakes, and help voters to correct them. This process can also be used to identify any fraudulent ballots (deceased case, misrepresentation, etc.)


​Key Features

  • Realtime dashboard on the status of the absentee ballot processing

  • Facilitates easy search options to handle FOIA/Open Records requests from the voters or other stakeholders post election

  • Provides the link to the source copy of the documents sent by the voter for easy reference and validation

  • Digitizes absentee ballot request forms and ballot envelopes, and makes it available for the election team after trying it to the voter database

  • Shows all the absentee ballot request forms that are scanned, and displays voter signature extraction in conjunction with signature from the ballot envelopes (require by State Law)

  • Enables election teams to input response notes, and track all requests with timestamps, to ensure transparency in the entire process

  • Reduces the search processing time of absentee ballot related queries post election and empowers the election teams