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Organizations handle Terabytes of data on a daily basis. This data can be in the form of on-premise SQL Databases, Network Files, Salesforce CRM, Cloud drives, Application logs, Google folders, AWS Storage, DropBox containers, Social media feeds, Survey Monkey exports, Website data extraction and so many more. We help you with Data Ingestion, Data Retrieval, Data Curation, Data Integration, Data Security, Data Quality, BI Visualization, AI/ ML Search & Data Analytics. 



Support for Database / Systems restoration.

Vital during any data breach incident or ransomware situation.



Unlimited access to our search platform. Helps you to easily find and view your structured and unstructured data sources.



Key Insights & interactive Dashboards with integrated BI tools to help you make informed business decisions.



Realize your Application Integration requirements and we assist you on Web Services, SSIS, REST API, JSON, GraphQL


Customizable Data Packages

Organizations leverage this package service that provides data security, critical support during disaster / ransomware attacks, cloud based search of your legacy systems and databases, BI visualization and analytics for key decisions, and application integration support that connects disparate systems seamlessly. Make the most of all your data and systems, leading to better decisions and continued success.

Leading the Digital Transformation
CIO / CTO Stewardship

We provide research, advisory, consulting and IT strategic roadmap to achieve your business objectives and implement best practices in systems and applications. Customer empathy is one of our core values that supports seamless execution of this service.

Foundation for the Future
Collaborative Mindset

Digital Transformation is evident in the US education industry. Our expertise in instructional technology systems helps you securely manage myriad applications and achieve 99.9% availability of systems. This way schools can spearhead next generation talent to greater heights.

Bridging Silos and Building Transparency
Creative Confluence

Technology has revolutionized local government agencies' ability to deliver critical services. Mobile Apps, SaaS, ERP Systems, and Databases provide the backbone of this ability. We support State and Local government agencies to deliver these  services with ease.


Aaron Griffin

Head of Technology

Sonline helped us with a new website for our Epstein School. Suri lead the efforts and helped us create the new one. His team was very responsive and engaged throughout the whole process. We will engage them again for special projects.

Bill Justesen

Director of Information Technology

We were looking for a simple solution that would Optmize Costs, Reduce Complexity, Decrease Service tickets and Increase Productivity. Solution provided by Sonline was a perfect match for us. We are impressed!

Mahendra Srivastava

Technology Director

Sonline team has played an important role as technology advisor and partner to assist in projects like ERP, customer ROI, etc. Their technical acumen, attention to detail, responsiveness, and ability to execute within budgets, were of immense value to Sortimo.



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